Wyckerton, like many cities, is a wonderful place to live but if you are a resident you will also be magic.

Blissfully unaware non-magics come and go during the day hours but an ancient charm on the city ensures that only witches and wizards are able to stay after six o'clock.

When Alfie's father has to leave to work abroad, Alfie discovers that he has magical powers. He lives with his best friend, Derek, whose family own in a huge B&B in Wyckerton.

Alfie helps a friendly shopkeeper, Nigel, in exchange for a little magical guidance and gets whisked up into normal days and magic nights and soon prefers spells to spelling, broom flying to walking and wizard history to world history. 

But do not be fooled into thinking Wyckerton is perfect. Dark wizards live there too. Alfie loves solving mysteries and has a habit of discovering ones that usually go unnoticed.

Along the route of his potion deliveries, he unearths a plot to kill Nigel. He has to use his skills as a wizard and as a detective to unravel clues but puts himself and his friends in danger as dark magic moves closer. Will he succeed before the inevitable happens?

The Northeast Quarter is a place you really want to avoid if possible ...

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Extract from Chapter Nine:

"Alfie had never been anywhere so gloomy. It felt as if his happiness was being sucked away. He wanted to shrink, unwilling to touch the dark buildings. He was sure that they were leaning towards him, trying to absorb him into their shadowy walls. Anyone that lived here must have something dark to hide."

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Aunt Edith tells Alfie the story of Mervyn and Martyn, the two 

most powerful brothers to have ever lived


Extract from Chapter Five:

Aunt Edith took a deep breath before she spoke, ‘Legend tells of two brothers, the most powerful wizards to have ever lived. Martyn, who was loved and respected by all, stood for nobility and justice. His younger brother, Mervyn, stood for evil and deception. As children they were happy. As they grew older, Mervyn started seeking power and wanted to rule over all wizards. The only thing that stood in his way was Martyn. A rift formed between them. Mervyn knew that if he could kill Martyn, all other wizards would bow to him in fear. When Mervyn heard of an object that killed instantly on touch, he spent many years searching for it. They say he located it and gave it to his brother as an anonymous gift, but Martyn’s wife, Ada, found it first. She thought it was for her. As soon as her fingers brushed over the object’s surface, her young life left her. Martyn found her dead but without any wounds at all. He knew who had caused it.’ She paused to catch her breath.

‘What happened next?’ Alfie didn’t want her to stop.

Aunt Edith shook her head slowly, her eyebrows were drawn together. ‘A terrible battle ensued between them, Martyn against Mervyn, good against evil. It was horrific; both equally matched and determined to defeat the other. Martyn eventually whittled Mervyn down but was still incapable of killing him outright. He entombed him somewhere lost to history. If Mervyn had won, he would have ruled over all wizards and would have enjoyed making Martyn’s beloved city succumb to dark magic.’