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Wyckerton is a lively, walled city. Tourists and locals visit every day of the year. They are always welcome and are never asked to leave ... but they do leave, one by one, until only the city's residents remain. And that is when it starts to get exciting ...

Series Order:

Friday Night's Dream: WYCKERTON is the first book in the series

FNDTHE TRANSFER VIAL is the second, and the third is


Artwork is by the brilliant Adam Brown...

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Book Three in the series

Friday Night's Dream: DARK CLOVER 

is now available from book stores

Alfie, learning the art of potion making, with Nigel in his workshop.


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The participants at a recent story-writing workshop at Winchester's Discovery Centre worked really hard. An example is the brief plot line above. Well done Nora, I hope that you finish the story - sorry that we ran out of time!

My thanks to Nora, Arthur, Bridget and Layla and the other children who came and worked so hard. Your stories and pictures were excellent.

A story for the younger reader

I have a feeling that I'm going to need a story for younger siblings on Saturday. I'm writing it now -'Little Witches of Wyckerton' - and will publish the full story here after the event. 

See what you think...

'Little Witches of Wyckerton'

Pippa and Fizz are little witches. No, really, they are. They live in Wyckerton, a city that’s ordinary during the day but magical by night. No one knows except the people that live there and they have to keep it a secret.

Imagine the fun an ordinary young witch could have living there and then imagine what an inquisitive one would get up to. If you can’t quite picture it you’d better keep reading, that way you’ll find out.

(more soon)

Upcoming events...

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Confirmed Library Workshops:

All from 10.30am-12. Book soon, there are limited places.

Chandlers Ford - Mischief Makers 28th August 2018 - SOLD OUT

Discovery Centre - Mischief Makers 29th August 2018


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In Dorking recently, Kitty had almost read two chapters before she managed to find a chair...

Click on the door if you want to know more...

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A wonderful launch of FND: THE TRANSFER VIAL on the 3rd December in Dorchester. Almost a year later and I saw some friends...

Lovely to see you again, Kiara.
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It was wonderful to meet fans of FND: WYCKERTON, Henry, Elodie and Jacques, during a recent signing.

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Past Events:

Library Events

Story Writing Tips:

Aug 11th 2018 Dicovery Centre - Story Writing Workshop

Aug 10th 2018 West End Library - Arts Award

July 28th 2018  Discovery Centre - Mischief Makers

May 31th 2018 West End Library - Mischief Makers

14th April 2018 Hedge End

12th April 2018 Chandlers Ford

11th April 2018 Discovery Centre

Story Time:

14th October 2017 Winchester Discovery Centre


12th August 2017 Brownies and Cubs Summer Reading Challenge Book Day - come along and earn your badges!


Book Week -School Visit 

3rd March 2016 - Three 1 hour sessions of writing workshops for Year 7 at The Misbourne School, Great Missenden, High Wycombe

5th March 2015 - An exciting morning of readings by the children, competitions and workshops at Forres Sandle Manor School, Fordingbridge 


Other Events

Book Two Launch - Thursday 3rd December 2015, Waterstones Dorchester

Book Launch - 11th September 2014, Waterstones West Quay, Southampton.


Kings Worthy Fete Monday 30th May 2016

Aylesford Literary Festival Saturday 4th June 2016



Gala Evenings

Author Signing - Tuesday, 9th June 2015 with Lady Antonia Fraser 

Author talk – Tuesday 10th June 2014 with Lady Carnarvon – Chatelaine of Highclere Castle


Treats, Readings and an old wooden chest full of goodies for:

Bonfire Night - Saturday 5th November 2016, Waterstones Dorchester

Halloween - Saturday 31th October 2015, Waterstones Bristol Galleries


Official Signings

Monday 31st October 2016, Waterstones Dorking

Saturday 29th October 2016, Waterstones Horsham

Saturday 12th December 2015, Waterstones Banbury

Friday 11th December 2015, Waterstones Dorking

Thursday 10thDecember 2015, Waterstones Horsham

Monday 7th December 2015, Waterstones High Wycombe

Sunday 6th December 2015, Waterstones Poole

Thursday 29th October 2015 Waterstones Swindon

Tuesday 27th October 2015, Waterstones Dorking

Monday 26th October 2015, Waterstones Farnham

Saturday 17th October 2015, Waterstones Bath

Saturday 3rd October 2015, Waterstones Crawley

Saturday 5th September 2015, Waterstones Horsham

Saturday 15th August 2015, Waterstones Worthing

Saturday,8th August 2015,Waterstones Godalming

Wednesday 29th July 2015, Waterstones Ringwood

Saturday 4th July 2015, Waterstones Walton-on-Thames

Saturday, 6th December 2014, Waterstones Poole

Thursday, 4th December 2014, Waterstones Dorchester

Saturday, 29th November 2014, Waterstones Yeovil

Wednesday, 29th October 2014, Waterstones High Wycombe

Sunday, 26th October 2014, Waterstones Newbury

Saturday, 25th October 2014, Waterstones Salisbury